Voice Lessons

Professionals, amateurs and beginners of all ages are welcome.

Paul Hurst has coached and trained singers for 35 years, including hundreds of professionals in opera, musical theatre, stage, screen and recording.  He offers a thorough understanding of the vocal instrument from a scientific viewpoint, with an emphasis on tone production through relaxation, resulting in the most natural and healthy technique.  

Hurst's experience in musical theatre (coaching singers in over 50 productions), with entertainers (accompanying Sammy Davis Jr., Tom Jones, Diana Ross, Paul Anka, Patty Cohenhour, and hundreds more), decades of performing sacred music, and as a concert recital accompanist will help you prepare for your best performance.

Technique and coaching 

* in various generes:

  • Opera
  • Musical Theatre
  • Sacred
  • Pop
  • Jazz

Technique:  how to develop and use the vocal instrument.
Coaching: Preparing musical pieces for recording/performance, emphasis on style, diction, ptich and rhythm.

Extend your range

  • Sing that high "C" again!

Sight singing

  • And ear training.

Voice therapy

For damage by misuse, overuse or difficulty due to health, or to compensate for changes to the maturing voice.

Vocal Registration

Many vocal difficulties are due to singing notes in the wrong vocal register, something like choosing the lowest string on the violin to play a high note.

Free your voice from restraints.  Learn to relax and sing with your healthiest, most easily produced and efficent tone.  Then will we hear your own unique, natural sound.