Piano Lessons -

For beginning to advanced adults and dedicated teens.

Paul Hurst is a recognized master of piano, in both the popular and classical idioms as a concert artist, accompanist, composer/arranger, and teacher. He studied piano under Jacob Gimpel and Leonid Hambro. His wide range of experience includes decades with church music, playing with many stars in Las Vegas, coaching and directing many musical theatre productions, accompanist for universities and the concert stage, conducting, composing, recording artist on dozens of recordings, and thousands of performances in the pop and classical genres.

Offering Technique and Interpretation of

Classical music  

  • Learn to make all your music breathe and flow
  • Understand musical styles within their historical context
  • Techniques, fingering, and articulation for enhanced stylistic effects
  • Exercises to build strength and agility

Popular music

  • Learn to groove in various genres - ragtime, 50’s swing, 70’s pop, jazz, etc.

  • Learn chords and fake instant arrangements from a Lead sheet - melody and chord symbols - Easy!

  • Learn what musical components - rhythm, chords, melodic contour - create each style

Learn what musical components - rhythm, chords, melodic contour - create each style

  • Ragtime and early Jazz
  • Rock
  • Beginning Jazz
  • Folk music
  • Sacred and Gospel


  • Improvisation and arranging for piano
  • Playing (Faking) from lead sheets - using melody line and chord symbols
  • Therapeutic techniques and exercises for muscle and tendon problems.

Keyboard theory

  • Reading: Learn to read the way the pros do it.
  • Scales: All 12 Major scales in as little as three lessons
  • Circle of 5ths (or 4ths)
  • Arpeggios
  • Chords and chord symbols: A method to quickly learn all chords and chord symbols.
  • Arranging: Using good voicing and voice-leading, and appropriate rhythmic styles.